Welcome to Le Bouton Studio Blog
My name is Lisa Dorr
I am a self-taught designer, and maker of women's, and children's clothing.
Le Bouton is a one person operation. Everything is designed, made, and shipped by me, and everything is made to order. I do offer wholesale to shops that understand my sensibility.
I believe that keeping production small is the best way to express myself, and the most responsible was to do business.
On this blog you will find images of the clothing I make, some scenic posts of how beautiful it is where I live!, and sales.
I do take orders for clothing on this blog. I prefer to have some interaction with each order, so the purchase process is that you email me, we communicate, and I then send a paypal invoice. This makes everything more meaningful. I am not out for quick sales, and I will answer every question you have with your best interest at heart. 
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I also have an Etsy shop - link is over in the side bar.
Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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