Monday, July 30

Le Bouton Update

I hope anyone who is waiting for their Le Bouton order is reading this. Today we are making the big move up to Venice, and I have been packing all weekend. I thought I had escaped from any packing responsibilities, citing my sewing schedule, but no. So, patient readers, the first spot to be set up in the new house will be the new Le Bouton corner of industry. Your orders are topmost in my mind, and I am anxious to send them out!



Republic of Candy said...

Hi, Lisa!

I'm lookign forward to receiving my dress, but getting to your new home safely and happily is more important right now. You're so lucky to be moving to Venice! Yay!


:: juin lily :: said...

Just dropping by, saw your previous items on Etsy- really beautiful. I can't wait til your store is back. Good luck on the move!