Saturday, August 18

This kid

Frances is on Vinalhaven, and having a great time at her cousin's wedding. EATING CAKE! Which was the most exciting part. I can't wait for her return tomorrow night, I miss this kid.


mette said...

great photo series - your daughter looks like a great story teller - very animated! i also want to add that your meals look amazing - i actually zoomed in to see what you were eating - can you tell it must be our dinnertime? look forward to your fall line ... k

Rae said...

I love your photos (and kids' clothing)! What a great life! It looks like a movie.

emily said...

such a great kid, it seems. hey, i just noticed your movie list on the side there - saw some of my favourites. I'm always looking for that perfect movie, so given the loveliness of all the ones I know on your list, I'll have to look into some of the ones i haven't heard of. Just the list I've been hoping for! (you, by the way, have a fantastic blog and fantastic clothing)

bon said...

i saw "the devil and daniel johnston" in your movie list. i just heard him play in town and it was really wonderful. after seeing the movie, it was a bit chilling to see him in person. we spoke about king kong afterwards. have you seen the documentary "how to draw a bunny" about pop artist, ray johnson? really good.