Thursday, February 21

Walking to the Post

I'm going to walk to the post to mail le bouton packages (feels good!), and i'm taking some pictures along the way. i even took a picture of my coffee (i hope my friend laura is rolling her eyes at this!). here we go, griffin is saying goodbye at the door.

tall palm trees, and a little budding tree. clear sky, and fresh air.

broadway! here is the street we live on (and on).

laurel and hardy as part of a mural depicting what the original plan was for venice (canals everywhere, and no roads).

just beyond the sign is the boardwalk, and venice beach. chilly today though with a strong wind.

and, here is the post office, it is 4:30.

here is a new house, built from the ground up, sharing the same small alley as the b.b.q. joint. they put some kind of horrifying pool/water feature in the front space. yikes!

this b.b.q. place has two electric stoves as their logo - old school.

the cafe on abbot kinney blvd., stopping in to case the joint.

i haven't been out for a coffee in about two years, and here i am thinking i had best sit and be a human being. i don't get out much! well, i went to this place, and ordered a cappuccino and the girl turned around and pressed a button on a machine and the capp. came out of it. very disturbing. then i looked at this magazine with harmony (and yoda!) on the cover. i used to pour harmony coffee when i worked at ceci-cela in new york, and now here he is again... don't you think the capp. looks like a pig snout?

one of two snack and produce trucks that work in our neighborhood. there's "nice produce" and "martinez produce" and when you hear the horn honk "la cucaracha" you know they are there, and you can purchase a mango.

our little shack peaks out from behind a tall fence.

back home.


LucysPlace said...

Thankyou for the most enjoyable journey enroute to the post office. You have to love L.A.!

k.c.k. said...

hey there lisa!
what a nice walk you had. i have that mag with harmony (and yoda) on the cover sitting on my kitchen table. did you work in the ceci-cela on spring? i get my morning coffee there quite often.

Le Bouton said...

yes! ceci-cela on spring, before nolita was many apricot danishes, listening to super-tramp at 7am, and the leek/onion quiche... the best!

Anne said...

Wonderful trip! Just what I needed on this busy day.

Luiza said...

cute dog