Wednesday, May 7


I have to take a little break from "skirt of the day". I am working on new pieces for the Catalog, and I hope they will be up this weekend, and early next week.
Like, the Tradition Dress in a new fabric (utility), a new 1/2 placket shirt for going to town, and some interesting trousers (tie waist), oh, and a short sleeve linen top that has a box pleat in the back. Just some things.

Oh! and my little singer sewing machine "el plastico" has finally called it. It bought the farm, as far as we're all concerned. The very cool thing is, I am in acquisition mode for a new-to-me Juki 5550-6 single needle "el iron-horse". Found it on craigslist, and we went to see it last weekend at the house of the coolest people in the world. Funny how craigslist works. Anyway, they had dogs, and horses, and orange trees, and roses, and they talked with us for an hour about life. They were great (Ming, and Jens), and they're trying to live off the land (starting soon). They were excited to grow everything! Best luck!

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HipKid said...

Don't ya just love meeting people like that? Serendipity.
So jealous of you going to France. I need to go to France again soon just to hear them make fun of my French Canadian accent. lol!