Saturday, June 28

I'm back! = Who won?

I have returned! As soon as I can, I'll post some photos. France is beautiful, and the work was rather intense. I had the great fortune of a sidekick this year. A girl from New Orleans was also on board to help at Moutas. We spent our 3 days in Paris together, where she scored a very (very) inexpensive hotel. So, I didn't exactly get to read the book in the Parc des Vosges. My lone wolf tendency gave way to sociability, and we had a very, um, celebratory time. She was going back home to begin her first "real" job so it was a last hurrah situation.
What about the contest?
I put the titles in a hat! I had to!
And the winner is?
Julie Machen!!!!! congratulations!
I'll be reading her suggestion (the eleventh) ASAP.
probably in the park across the street.

thank you to all who entered!

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