Thursday, October 30

home reno.

looking into Frances's future room from the bath.

future stairs leading from kitchen/dining to hallway, and bedrooms/bath.

future kitchen

front door which opens into future dining area, and kitchen

future bathroom

future bedroom

hanging out on friday night in the future bathroom

Pretty boring to look at home renovation pictures (especially when it isn't in after stage). We hope to be functioning by Thanksgiving. Now, we have a hot water kettle, a toaster, a fridge, and a washing machine (and a loo). Many toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Many.


Malliling said...

Just hang in there.Been there done that! It can feel daunting and crazy and never ending, but once the renovation is complete, it's so rewarding! Loads of Luck with everything for you and your beautiful family! M.

Anonymous said...

but can i tell you how chic you look hanging the midst of the reno lisa...:)
i am thinking of the great gatsby!! ;)
oh and your silver bracelet!


erica said...

oh my god, that's a lot of work going on at the same time! and here i am feeling sorry for myself because we need to repaint our tiny bathroom....

i bet it's going to be amazing when finished.