Thursday, November 6


It has been a very long time since any real cooking has been achievable. D. set the cooktop in place the other night, and I was able to make dinner! It was great! We had some red wine, and made a beautiful cod fillet with a fresh tomato/new potato ragout, and some good, fresh rabe with a generous amount of red pepper. While cooking, we dreamed of holding some informal cooking classes. It would be such fun to get a small group together, and make Duck Confit! What do you think?


psc0005 said...

Good heavens, that is a wonderful meal! Those summers in France have obviously paid off very handsomely! Congrats on the new cooktop.

Braeg Heneffe said...

I think you should do it, we love cooking and went to a few classes years ago. We hold one everynow and again for friends and it's so much fun

Anonymous said...

wow what great photos lisa, you look so chic!...and so happy to hear that you "have" a kitchen....hope you are well!!

erica said...

sounds delicious, and it's so impressive that you managed to cook such a nice meal in an unfinished kitchen. ours is sorely underused, and it's more or less complete. i'm still working on not eating out so often. sigh.