Tuesday, December 30

tagged by stephanie (making gorgeous clothes, DUSKIN)

here goes.

1. i cry like a baby at anything sincere.
2. i hope to be really together when i'm 50. if i'm not, i don't know what will happen, but i have a "together by 50" goal.
3. i hope to avoid any kind of prescriptive of the pharmaceutical kind.
4. kill your television.
5. but, back when i had a t.v., my favorite show was (is) MST3K! (joel).
6. since being in L.A. my only "celeb" sightings have been elizabth shue, and that awesome lady who played the evil horsetrack owner in "stripes" (the zebra movie), and i saw her twice. she smiled at frances both times.
7. i have a fear of alien abduction (the zetas). i was told one can be abducted while dreaming/sleeping. or, that if your dreaming of them, it's real. still can't seem to shake it. oh, and sunken/sinking ships.
8. i'm a good host, and an awkward guest.

who to tag, who to tag?


Lucys Place said...

I'm like you in that I'm a good host and am awkward guest! At a party I generally find a seat and stay there, people come to me... I think I would rather be at home tragic.

Happy New Year :)

MillyPlum said...

you can invite me to your parties then because I'm a terrible host but an OK guest :0) your recent dress is really nice.

shael said...

I'm an awkward host and a good guest... whoops, I wrote that before I read your other two comments, not so original

impressive listening and movie list - love mike leigh... have you seen his latest?