Wednesday, January 21

Pate Feuillette!

I feel kind of goofy saying this, but can it get any better than President Obama AND Trader Joe's now carrying a magnificent, frozen Pate Feuillette? To explain. I have made too many miserable batches of puff pastry (in the past 8 years), and I feel that almost all things sad can be healed with good puff pastry. Look at this onion, tomato tart! Tomorrow quiche, and tarte tatin. So great!


DUSKIN said...


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness that looks so good!

Anonymous said...

ok lisa...i am inviting you over to my place...for some can bring the


leanne said...

I just purchased the same that last weekend at TJ! I've been saving it for a fancy dessert I'm planning to make tomorrow night with meyer lemon cream, ricotta and a blueberry compote (blueberries saved form the summer). Delicious!