Friday, February 13


Today is my brother's birthday. Happy Birthday Capt. Owen Barton Dorr! See that Schooner above? That Schooner belongs to Owen, and Cathie (his lovely wife). They have this magnificent Schooner, and they sail around the Penobscot Bay from Memorial Day - Columbus Day. It's their livelihood, they take passengers out for mostly week long, sometimes three day trips. Sailing around the coast of Maine for a week is so gorgeous, and relaxing. They sail to a new anchorage every night, and you can explore little islands, or towns. There's a Lobster Bake on a rocky beach. My brother Paul is the cook, and that is so incredibly special because he is the real deal. Paul, and Cathie are planning the garden for this season's vegetables. Wild Blueberry Pancakes! Haddock Chowder! Owen , and Cathie have two small boys that are full of energy, too. I don't know how they do it all, I know it's tough, but that's the dream coming true part.
I love you Owen! Happy Birthday!

ps sure wish i was there having a growler with you.

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