Monday, March 23


i tried to organize my notebooks this weekend. i went through sketch books and found these lines. some things came to materialize, and some have not. i hope they will. and, someday, there will be a switch plate cover. life in progress.
we went out for a beautiful hike on the santa ynez trail, watched movies, and drew pictures of birds.


::mari:: said...

Indeed, I do recognize some of those pieces, come to life. :)

Your weekend sounds lovely! We went the low-key route as well ... walks, lots of homemade good food, cat belly rubs. The good life.

Anonymous said... wonderful to have a glimpse...;))nancy

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing your process...really interesting!

Anonymous said...

post the bird pics!

erica said...

is that a baby romper suit that i see?!?

cerre said...

drawing birds..sounds like a lovely day. wonderful sketches by the way. ps: I want to buy a piece of clothing from you. tonight, I will browse your shop and find something special. --lee