Monday, May 4

new material

new material for the japanese style trousers. this is a beautiful mid-weight cotton. very soft, smooth feel. a cream ground with the thinnest stripes in taupe, and navy.
with a grey MAKIE shirt, HUMANOID sweater, and brown/cream stripe tshirt le bouton.


erica said...

you have that sweater, too! mine is looking a bit ratty no thanks to my patagonia down vest. the little plastic bungee cord stoppers did a number on the front of the sweater. no amount of sweater stone has fixed the icky pilling.

gorgeous fabric, lisa! looks like you've been sewing up a storm.

Anonymous said...

....oh lisa...what wonderful creativity is coming from you!!! eye-candy!
ps you own a piece from humanoid? :))

miss sophie said...

love the layering. your fabric sensibility is really brilliant.