Tuesday, September 15

hello, again

that's an image of the little door going into the new sewing studio here on the island. i hope to be sewing later in the week!
we're settling in, and will soon move into the rental house. can't wait to paint the walls!
it's been so long since i've posted, i don't know what to say.... how are all of you???


Jennifer said...

That is a cute little door!
Can't wait to see what you have in the works for Fall!
I'm busy trying to get my shop together- you are a big inspiration to me!

rebecca said...

real good.

and looking forward to reading/seeing more about this great adventure!

If Jane said...

well wow! happy that you are back!!!..didn't like that long silent pause..:))


Catherine said...

Welcome to your new island and new home! The house looks to have a lot of character even from that one shot. I bet Frances will love this slice of her new life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, things look beautiful and exciting up there. I hope you are enjoying the crisp fall weather. I cannot wait to see the little treats you are sewing...