Friday, November 13

more pleats, more tucks

a white linen skirt with a white linen overshirt meant for considerable layering (on etsy). the navy chalkstripe jacket is something i am working on for chelliswilson.
life has become so busy. who knew living 20 miles out in the bay would result in so much activity. people heard i can sew. so, i am working with the Vinalhaven Players on their costumes for "The Gift of the Magi". frances is working in the props department, and d. is helping build sets! there's another project on the horizon involving some cooking... we're busy! it's good. sun sets at 4:30, and the stars are shining bright by 5pm.


Jennifer said...


I love how you have styled this outfit. You are on a creative roll!

I think this ensemble on it's own would also make a lovely wedding dress!

Anonymous said...

love love LOVE this site. such beautiful clothes. i think i know this wall well...

DUSKIN said...