Monday, January 4

happy new year to all!

happy new year everyone!

looks like i fell off the planet for the month of december. we have been trying to put our house in order these past few weeks (the new title image is the dining room table), as well as enjoy the holidays, visit with family, and participate in many community happenings. i hope january is more steady, less roller coaster. it's all coming together.

this dress is from fabric that is extraordinarily beautiful. i thought i didn't have any left. i had made a marais skirt out of it, and then i must have hid it away. it showed up while unpacking.


erica said...

oh man, i love those sheepskins on the chairs!

that fabric is magical.

chelliswilson. said...

Lisa! It's looking great! I have the Marais skirt in that fabric (which I love). It's lovely to see that fabric in a dress---it's so light and luxurious!

leanne said...

Love your dining room. What color are the walls? The dress looks perfect as well!

If Jane said...

oh love your dining room and all in it!!! and the dress looks great!

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous dress, Lisa,
Happy New Year!

Le Bouton said...

thanks, everybody!
and, the walls are slate grey/graphite.
so, nice to hear from all of you!

Anonymous said...

omg. i love it. the fabric is fabulous. way to start the new year. happy happy happy New Year.

mav said...