Tuesday, February 9

this weekend

apologies for not posting. our camera is officially toast, r.i.p.

this weekend... st. valentine, and the year of the tiger. very cool.
along with grilled hamburgers, the menu will be this.

onion soup with homemade gruyere crust of bread
mixed greens salad, vinaigrette
hand cut fries
sweet potato fries, sour cream, rosemary

mussels - white wine, shallot, butter, parsley

smoked salmon, tomato, leek, mascarpone quiche, mixed green salad

north atlantic fish soup via cote sud, fillet of white cold-water fish, tomato, fennel, saffron, potato, onion broth, garlic toast

lamb rack, black olive, green olive oil mash potato

still thinking about desserts..... thoughts?


Liane said...

oh my. i'm starved now reading that list. i've been dreaming about lemon meringue pie. i think i have to make one.

If Jane said...

over the moon that it is the year of the tiger!!!
i have no idea about dessert...i just gained some weight...reading the list...;)) xx glad you are back!