Wednesday, December 8


two new bronze pieces (linen).
the top 2 images are in the style of the Tradition dress, it is a short tunic/top. on seam pockets.
the next 2 images are a new style of dress with a skirt that is overlapping at the sides to allow one to wear over pants, and still use the pant's pockets. hits at mid/upper thigh.

available soon in the catalog. inquire if interested!


Anonymous said...

This fabric is really intriguing. Lovely!

Liz said...

Beautiful fabric...

mi vida dulce said...

tell me, are these still available??

ps. we share a dear friend, jill raynor!

Le Bouton said...

mi vida!
yes, i can make these dresses.
email me!
love that jill raynor.

Anonymous said...

The bronze top is beautiful! How can I place an order? Thanks so much.