Tuesday, April 3

linen dress offer! ends tonight!

here's a deal, and why didn't i think of this before?!
as you may know, i make this dress to order, one at time. i recently saw this dress up for sale on the excellent, laws of general economy blog. and, it occurred to me that here are about 10 ladies who are interested in buying this dress, and it's a small, they must all be a small...

so, i sent those ladies an email with this offer, and i open it up to you, dear readers.
this dress - $120.00 ($8.00 domestic, $15.00 abroad shipping).

if i can get 10 orders together (size small), it will be efficient for me, and a deal for you!
if there is a group of say - 10 mediums, or 10 larges out there - shout out!
i need 10 of the same size to offer this price.

colors - dark rose, blue, black, cream, olive, purple, mustard, grey, dark brown, natural

i need all orders for the SIZE SMALL in by FRIDAY, APRIL 6TH, 8PM EST!
just send me an email if you're in, or, if you have questions., or leave a comment in the box.... A NEW OFFER WILL BE POSTED ON MAY 1ST!!! PLEASE, COME BACK, AND TAKE A LOOK! XO,L.


leanne said...


I was so sad to let go of the dress but it is just a tiny bit too small for me these days :( hope the rest of the ladies were able to get an order together!


KK said...

Hi! This dress is gorgeous. What do I have to do to get a Medium (or Large, depending on your sizing)?