Sunday, August 19


i need some help! today i was looking around at different fabric suppliers, and found something AMAZING! at least i HOPE it is. does loro piana cashmere coating sound as incredible to you as it does to me? um, it's marked down to an accessible price (down from 800$ a yard!), and i'd love to get my hands on some, and make ... wide neck pull over tops, drop shoulder, bracelet sleeve? something simple so the cost doesn't get too crazy, and the material is the element. it is available in black, and light camel.
i think the top would run $300, i'll see what i can do. i'm freaking out, and i need to know what you think!!! leave comments! email me! now! please!


chelliswilson. said...

Yes, yes! That sounds incredible. Love to hear more. Email me. xo

Anonymous said...

that sounds gorgeous albeit out of my price range at the moment. glad to hear there are other fabric whores out there besides myself. some textiles are impossible to resist. go for it. i can tell by your enthusiasm nothing will stop you anyway :)

Vogue Sky said...
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Le Bouton said...

i ordered a yard of the black! i'm so excited to work with this material! i wanted some of the camel also, but it was already gone.
the black is in the mail!