Monday, August 6

if it isn't a tar paper shack, don't trust it

we had a quick trip over to vinalhaven. we stayed at my brother (greg), and sister-in-law's (susan) place. i worked at the cafe a couple mornings, we ate lobsters, listened to carl perkins, drank wine, played gin rummy. it was foggy, and warm, and soft. the interior pictures are of g&s's.  the exterior are around, and about. the second to last building is skoog's old boat shop, a building that has become part of my creative dna. the shape of it, the size, the texture, where it sits, what it was, everything. last week i thought i had an original epiphany... we're thinking of what to side the house with - clearly, grey asphalt shingle - right? - the stuff that we all covered with sweet cedar? - the stuff we were getting away from? - time to bring it back? - if it isn't a tar paper shack, don't trust it!

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