Saturday, October 27


i feel like it has been forever since i have posted. i have not looked up from the sewing machine for a few weeks! thank you to everyone! today i was able to take a few photos of some pieces. images 5 - 10 are a custom order going out to portland, or.. she wanted something warm to wear under her linen dropwaist sundress, and a warm thing for over. she said "3/4 sleeves as i am all ways in some stage of food prep." so, i thought i'd style it with an apron i've been making for myself, and restaurant friends.

photos 1- 4 grey linen gather back dress
photos 5 & 6 grey cotton flannel under-dress
photo 7 grey cotton flannel under-dress, black wool flannel topper
photo 8 - 10 grey cotton flannel under-dress, black wool flannel topper, heavy denim apron

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the nest said...

I think I could live the rest of my life happily in a grey flannel under dress... :)