Thursday, August 1

Dress Deal - linen sundress

Happy August everyone! Here's the deal!
If i can get 10 sundress orders, i can make this dress for $80!
deal ends Tuesday August 6th.
email me if you would like one -
i will send you a paypal invoice. i will order the linen. then we will keep peggy sewing!
measurements flat for xs - l
across underarm - xs18.5", s19", m19.5", l20"
across waist line - xs18.5", s18.5", m19.5", l20"
hip - free
length from shoulder to waist - xs17.5", s18", m18", l18.5"
total length of dress - xs33", s34", m34", l35"

colors! black, chartreuse, dark brown, cement, grey, mustard, olive, red, cream, blue
and, let me vent some frustration here - i CAN NOT figure out how to get these color images to be side by side! i apologize for this long line you have to scroll through! help!

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