Saturday, December 14

a time to give

another Le Bouton give away!
 a nice pair of natural linen pillow cases - regular size. will go to a randomly picked (name out of a hat method) commenter.
simply, enter you name in the comment box.
i would appreciate anything else you would like to say! advice regarding Le Bouton, what you would like to see? reading suggestions, music suggestions, recipes, anything!
this is open to the world! thanks to all!
starts now! ends tomorrow, sunday the 15th at noon.
let the comments begin!
it would be kind if you could "like" le bouton on facebook if you can, but i understand that some just aren't in to that sort of thing (understandably).


annika said...

Happy Holidays and what a nice giveaway! I'm hoping to order one of your lovely dresses one of these days. I still have a shirt that you made for me years ago. My #1 reading suggestion is still "Just Kids" by Patti Smith even though it's several years old now. Heading to Maine soon for the holidays - do you sell in any stores there or ever have studio visits?

Liefgeval said...

Oh I would love to join :D, I love your natural 'simple' style and beautiful colour palettes! I'll be sure to check out your facebook :) <3

Liefgeval said...

where can I find your facebook page :D?

Le Bouton said...

the page name is Le Bouton.
you can go to my shop via the link on the side, scroll down to the facebook
link then find le bouton there!
thank you thank you!

Belinda said...

Hello! I follow your blog via Facebook. I'd love to see bits of your process and inspiration on Instagram.

Alison said...

What a lovely giveaway! I am always inspired when reading your blog, and the dress you made me is one of my favorites. Seconding Belinda's would be wonderful to see parts of your inspiration/process on instagram if that is something you would be comfortable with.

Terrill said...

recipe: I once made pad thai with calamari...the Mark Bittman recipe. Also it was summer so I threw in nasturtium flowers. Your Work is Beautiful!!!!

Terrill said...

Heres the recipe:

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays from Australia.

Here we are preparing barbeques for Christmas (as it will be too hot to cook indoors) and wondering if everyone will fit in a children's paddling pool when the temperature climbs. Friends are clearing undergrowth in preparation for bushfire season, and we are eating salads and mangoes.

I follow your blog partly because it is so very different to what I see and know: the colour palette of Maine and its weather is worlds from our grey-green eucalypt and orange earth. I appreciate your every-day photos and the descriptions of your making process, because it weaves together your craft with your sense of place.

I am not on Facebook, so I cannot follow up your page, but thank you for this wider and more accessible window into your world.


Caroline said...

Hi it's carol from london. Love the tops I received. Merry Cgristmas!

dorothia said...

I love the simpliity of your clothes. So lovely that the are all hand-made. It would be nice to see photos of children wearing them. Good luck with all of your creations.

diplomatica said...

I have always loved your clothing and home goods! I've been a longtime follower of your blog.

dm said...

Hello, I would like to be included.

As far as books go I really enjoyed reading Joan Didion's works, particularly The Year of Magical Thinking and The White Album. Recently I read a collection of short stories by Roberto Bolaño, Last Evenings on Earth, all of which were entertaining and surprisingly light. The last movie I saw was Frances Ha, but I have mixed feelings about it since it felt a little too precious at times though it did have some good moments.

Cara said...

Keep up the great work! I love everything you do esp. your new kids clothes. Just wish they were available in bigger sizes (7-8). Love the color combinations in your photos too. All the best,

Lara said...

OOH, I really like the idea of you producing giftables, like pillowcases or scarves--you have such wonderful fabrics in great saturated colors.

Le Bouton said...

caroline!!!! happy pillowcases to you!!!
thank yous to all for the great comments!

Hyena In Petticoats said...

What a sweet giveaway! I've been reading here for so long - it never even occurred to me to look for you on Facebook!

I've just finished reading the Dystopia Trilogy by Margaret Atwood - the first book is Oryx & Crake - it's the kind of story that gets so far in your head you can't help but see the whole world through the lens of the story - amazing.

One of these days I'm going to order one of your dresses in mustard linen - one thing I would love to see is pictures of someone wearing some of your core pieces, so we can see how they sit on the body?

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas, and I look forward to seeing what you make in the new year....

Leah x

thegoldenoctopus said...

Will you be adding linen pillow cases to your collection? My great grandmother's are starting to show age- after 100 years, no kidding- and I would like to replenish. Thank you, Elizabeth