Friday, January 3

sketches, and flowers


Caroline said...

lisa! love the idea of your CSC. i would totally subscribe. it would be fun to have a little package to look forward to every few months.
i think it would be nice to be able to choose a palette of colours you like and fabrics and then possibly choose what styles you prefer, based on seasonality (from your clothing catalog) and leaving the rest up to you for creative license.
the only trick part would everything final sale or could it still be exchanged for something else if it doesn't work/ fit right?
looking forward to seeing it come to life!
warm wishes from grey london x

Lara said...

Love nasturtiums! So pretty and so tasty, too.

Can't wait to see what you come up with regarding the CSC!

the nest said...

happy new year, Lisa! I am very interested in your CSC. for me, choices of color would be most important; otherwise your mastery of fabric, silhouette, and tailoring detail should guide the way! I like the looks of the sketches already...
best ~ a

Anonymous said...

Really, so so excited about the CSC/"clothing subscription"(?) idea.

I think a limited number of choices on the part of the subscriber would be good--perhaps a few different styles in a few different colors are available each go-round, and the subscriber is able to choose, say, two styles (I guess this is where different subscription levels could come in, too). In addition, maybe all subscribers would receive one "chef's choice," if you will, like that big beach tote, etc.

Glad to hear you are staying warm. We are sleeping next to the wood stove these days!

erica said...

Your sketches have me dreaming of spring!

leanne said...

Happy New Year!

Lisa - I love this idea of a subscription and agree with the other commenters. Probably a choice of color palette would work best, and would leave a lot up to you.

On that note - I think that I finally have to retire the beautiful linen gauze tuck blouse from years ago - my son grabbed onto it with messy hands and I haven't been able to get the stains out. I'd so sad, and would love, love, love if you ever made that style of blouse again.