Sunday, January 11


Yesterday Frances took the SSAT (secondary school admissions test) which was administered at Hebron Academy. The top photo is the building where the test was located. Funny thing is, my grandfather attended Hebron in the early 1900's. The archive was in the basement of that building, but it was closed. I met the Dean of the school, and he was very gracious. I kind of barged in to his office - not knowing he was the Dean - as the door was open, and he was there. I told him that I was here with my daughter, and that my grandfather had attended the school. He dropped what he was doing, and he tried to contact the archive director, and then tried to open the archive with his set of mysterious keys. No luck. We had a good laugh when I told him my grandfather was the biscuit eating champion of his class. He said "We should bring that superlative back!". School mascot? The Lumberjack.
The other photos are from driving around Norway, and Paris! What a cool place.
And, Frances walked out of the test with a good smile.


ritu said...

very, very cool! how interesting to have such a deep family connection to a place. as the child of fairly recent immigrants (early 70's), we don't have that here... yet!

Le Bouton said...

it was really cool to be in that place with that connection. it was kind of ghost-y in a good way!

erica said...

Great photos and story, and wow SSATs already?!

Le Bouton said...

hi erica - thank you! it's true, time has passed so quickly!it is hard to believe that she'll be in high school next year!