Sunday, February 21

i took a selfie in a mirror.... show this brown/white plaid, open-side, trimmed with black linen (hand sewn), double faced wool topper. i'm crazy for this plaid, and i have only a few yards of it (vintage). i've made a pair of pants from it. yes. i'll be taking more pictures of clothes i make on figure like this. i'll get over my weirdness about it.
see you at the Remodelista Market! 3-12/13! NYC - 123 w.17th st (canvas home)
this will be there.

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cal said...

beautiful! i love the plaid and the style too. i sympathize with feeling weird being the designer and model; i have the same issue. but now that i've moved upstate (from nyc) there's really no one else around to be a model. and i do believe clothes are shown off much better on a human body than a hanger or mannequin. so i just thought i'd send a vote of encouragement!