Sunday, June 30


here are some images of in, and around where we live. we are kind of camping out in the sewing studio (which is upstairs from the woodshop) while improvements on the house are underway (replacing the floor, etc...). so, these images are all of the interesting, and beautiful out-buildings that are store houses of mostly wood (and more of it!), and various curiosities.
1. sleeping in the second floor sewing studio with the window looking out to the pines.
2. first floor of the shop, coming downstairs from the sewing studio
3. frames hanging on the wall (max's father restores them)
4. first floor of shop looking back towards stairs
5.the shop! that top window is the window above my desk
6. max's mom's side porch where she enjoys her flowers, birdsong, poetry, and popcorn
7. another shop space
8. wood storage building
9. window collection in the back of another storage building
10. the turn-around shed
i love all these buildings. they are beautiful, and have an old, mysterious quality to them, like they belong in another world, or time. they all look like someone could have lived there, or does, and could come peering out from the darkness of the doorway.