Monday, October 24

For Marriage

Le Bouton Marriage
An idea that came to me strongly in Summer 2015. I did not actualize it. I was thinking at the time about newly approved marriage equality, and how YESSS! that was. How cool it will be when it's  normalcy just IS. When equality just is. 
I remember then talking marriage clothes to a few people, but the idea drifted away. I suppose it was because the images of the dresses were not in my mind. Now they are, after a year, they came in a flash that could not be resisted. This new expression in clothing is almost guiding itself. It's a bit of a command! Here is the concept talking to me : The Party Dress would like to be a wedding dress - it wants to be made in silk, actually, all of your dresses want to be wedding dresses - make that so - and you must do it this way - you must hand sew everything. They will be the loveliest dresses. There is nothing like them, and they must exist.

This is the first dress, the first style. 
(waiting for the hem)
I am so proud, and happy.


jane said...

beautiful...words + dress. :)

ritu said...

so beautiful. xo