Wednesday, April 8

some outfits for the post, and a new sundress for the catalog

top image, for jaime. floral top (custom order), and stripe shorts.
next image, for amy. ivory squares tee, and japanese trousers in grey linen.
below image, new for the catalog! a sundress in grey linen. i hope to offer it it in many fabrics, it's a really good shape. the skirt starts right at the hip bone, and is above the knee. on figure pictures later this week.


Jennifer said...

nice, nice, and nice...especially love that floral top.

Anonymous said...

love the it.

::mari:: said...

oh goodness! it looks beautiful! thank you lisa, i can't wait to wear it. :)

oshun said...

That floral fabric looks so delicate !

simplyolive said...

i love that dress,
the color is gorgeous!!