Tuesday, April 7


we just waved bon voyage to frances, and papa. they are on their way to san francisco (via yosemite) for the first half of spring vacation.
it's 10:15 am tuesday. from now until 10:15 monday, it will be sewing marathon. i will be caught up before i take frances on our week's vacation. still planning! i will post some new pieces in the catalog, and etsy.
ready, set, sew.


Leanne said...

for new pieces! i was just thinking about taking a vacation from work so that i can catch up on sewing and knitting projects. can't wait to see what you come up with.

i have great memories of camping in yosemite when i was growing up. we used to take baths ion a gigantic orange tub. me, my sister, and my two cousins. fun.

Anonymous said...

well for some strange reason this post...made me think of "eye of the tiger".... :)) sorry for the kitschness...
great that frances and her father will be in it is snowing here!!!!