Saturday, April 4

warmer weather everywhere

top image, a back pleat shirt made in white cotton with a woven stripe. (difficult to see the stripe). and, a new style of pants. a bit wide legged, and cropped, tapering in at the ankle. inverted pleats at the front and back, and tucks at the ankle. grey linen.
next images, a vintage linen print with a vibrant medallion/mandala design. cut like the "linen dress" with short sleeves. hand hemmed, and french seams. and, a pair of pants in the japanese style made in grey linen.


::mari:: said...

you are killing me. i'm dead.

beautiful, beautiful.

erica said...

lisa, you're such a tease! that description of the new pants is so intriguing. more pictures please!

and if you manage to figure out a non DVF wrap dress/top, you can be sure i'll be first in line to put my name down.

not warmer here, alas, unless you count the low-50s as 'warm.' ugh.

pam said...

I love the vintage top. It looks just like one my mom used to wear in the late 60s, early 70s. I LOVE it!!! You're so creative.

Leanne said...

Lisa, i'm with erica on the pants! i'd love to see some more photos!