Wednesday, September 30


i took the 7am ferry to the mainland yesterday, and drove down to Portland to meet up with Barbara at chelliswilson. we had a great constructive, creative, collaborative talk
about clothing for her shop for fall/winter (and future events!). some good pieces that everyone needs. skirts in many fabrics. she has ordered some incredible indigo wool, and a soft ivory silk/wool twill. i can't wait to make a slip dress out of the silk/wool. this will all compliment what she has from FOG linen work, and Pip-Squeak Chapeau (etc.), very nicely. maybe soon we'll have another evening at her shop with music, and prosecco. stay tuned.

that picture above is the empty ferry cabin. i love the colors. grey, cream, brown, crazy green, and brick red. if you start seeing these colors in some new clothes, you know i've been inspired by the ferry!


lathelize said...

I like your blog and truly appreciate your work. Your pictures are like a fresh air breathe for me

If Jane said...

oh i cannot wait!! ;)) yeah i can go with the "inspired by ferry" look...:))

Anonymous said...

taking an empty ferry cabin for a creative meeting. How cool!!

chelliswilson. said...

Big shipment of gorgeous fabrics today! I loved sharing ideas and working with you--so engaging and enlivening! I just hope your readers don't think I picked out the colors on the outside of the building...yikes. L., B.

Rachel said...

I am so happy for you. Can't wait to see all the new inspirations.

HipKid said...

Lisa, I may have to take a trip to Portland this winter for a shopping expedition. Congratulations!