Thursday, October 8

past few days

vinalhaven - nyc - vinalhaven. super fast trip to source fabric for chelliswilson pieces. frances and trey hung out for a day, and then we went to see Ponyo, and had some dinner. i can't wait to get back to nyc to see more friends!


erica said...

leon and i saw ponyo in august, i loved it so much although i wish i could have seen it with subtitles instead.

sounds like a whirlwind trip, although it must have been fun to get off the island for a little bit before winter sets in and travel is a little more complicated.

we were just in bar harbor and portland over the weekend...

If Jane said...

oh! so happy that you made it to nyc...need a bit of cool...;))
oh and frances is super hip in her stripes...with trey...wink.

Jennifer said...

I still can't believe you live on that island!
How fantastic.
What is this???
Navy and blue patchwork dress? I love it.
I hope you will still be selling thru your Etsy shop & your Catalog...would love to own more of your pieces!

miss sophie said...

your travels are always so inspiring. looking forward to seeing your new creations for fall and winter! :)

SUN said...

Love your outfits!!
can't wait to see your new products for winter :)

I feel my favorite Japanese brand called Galerie Vie has a similar mood with your fashion somewhat.
It might inspire you so check it out when you get a chance ;)

Anaïs said...

I'm in love with this black-blue shirt… for sale?

rebecca said...

the island in your new header reminds me of "the little island" by margaret wise brown. it appears to have more than "seven big trees and seventeen big bushes," but is just as beautiful. you must love it there.

DUSKIN said...

sorry i missed you, but next trip...!