Thursday, October 29

i had a small piece of this material left from when it was for the broad shirt.
there's some new things over at chelliswilson - one tuck shirts, one tuck dresses and skirts. all made from soft italian wool, charcoal, super 120. take a look! i've been very busy sewing up that order, and there's more to come! the cool thing is, is i'll be able to post decent looking images of what is being made for chelliswilson. thank you to Gabe! she is allowing me the use of her computer, and digi camera. i'm back!
life has been great on the island, and i can't wait to take pictures, and post. the autumn is still hanging on, and the wind howls at night. there's been ice in the bucket.
see you tomorrow -


erica said...

gorgeous fabric, love the shape of this top!

it's about 85 here in southern california. i miss autumn, though!

Jennifer said...

Agree c Erica!
Will you have some for sale through Etsy &/or the catalog?

Looking great!!!

If Jane said...

oh sooooooo happy that you are back!!! ;)) franchement!
oh and i agree with erica...goegerous fabric indeed!

Anonymous said...

this is so beautiful..

leanne said...

LOVE this shirt Lisa!